[Holz002]: Beb.Welten – BONG//NN#0

We are happy to present the second release of our netlabel: “Bong//NN#0” is the debut of Holzmund – resident Beb.Welten. Its production was strictly based on hardware only, no DAW involved here. The two tracks are available as digital downloads, or as regular CD with printed paper slipcase.

The first track, “Bong“ actually came into existence around a decade ago, in the tough and crowded city of Rotterdam. It transports the escapist longing for space and horizon, translated into a calm and steady musical structure. Years later this first draft was unpacked in Berlin and developed into its final shape, minimalistic with extended timing and shifting rhythmic accents.

Based on a straight percussive rhythm, and a subtle background hum, „Bong“ soon gets contrasted with eighth note drumming patterns and delay variations. The arrangement resonates with an almost neurotic tension, confusing the listeners expectations, and slowly finding its way back to the basic tranquillity.

The second track, “NN#0“ is shorter and somewhat richer in sound: A simple bass line moves somewhere far away in the back, serving as rhythmic foundation. The whole piece is characterized by dubbed, delayed and overdubbed leads, evolving in careful variations. Kept in a friendly and warm tone, with a rustling, cracking and grinding feel: Ambient soundscape by Beb.Welten is paramount.

All music can be downloaded for free/ donation, or bought as CD on our Bandcamp-page, and you are welcome to use it under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-ShareAlike).

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